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Coal Chemical Wastewater Treatment Technology
Pyneois the first one who invent the coal chemical wastewater treatment technology in China. Its supporting projects have been successfully put into operation in several coal chemical bases and large-scale coking enterprises in Lanchan. The whole process technology can completely realize zero discharge of wastewater. After the implementation of China's Water Pollution Prevention and Control Action Plan "Water Ten Articles", it has played a positive role in promoting the smooth implementation of water pollution prevention and control. This technology relies on School of Energy Engineering of Zhejiang University, School of Chemical Engineering of Zhejiang University, Institute of Thermal Energy Engineering, State Key Laboratory of Clean Utilization of Energy, and National Environmental Protection Coal-fired Air Pollution Control Engineering Technology Center. It adopts independent research and development technology and has a number of unique patented technologies.
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The technology adopts gravity/air flotation degreasing and other pretreatment methods to remove oil in wastewater, the ammonia in wastewater is removed and recovered by ammonia distillation tower, phenols in wastewater are removed and recovered by extraction method, and then the wastewater enters biochemical A/O treatment to reduce COD, advanced oxidation to further reduce COD, hardness removal unit to reduce the hardness of wastewater, ultrafiltration, sodium filtration, produced water reuse, concentrated water enters multi-effect evaporation and concentration, and then enters centrifuge for dehydration to obtain solid salt.

Detailed Introduction
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    Technical Characteristics
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    Application Field
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    Flow Chart
    • By optimizing the treatment units of each section by stages and combining them reasonably, it has the advantages of low investment, low operating cost, strong reliability, less sludge and simple operation and management.
    • Solve the environmental pollution of wastewater, realize the recovery of produced water, meet the requirements of zero discharge of wastewater, and have good environmental and economic benefits;

    • Adopting techniques such as air flotation degreasing, ammonia distillation and dephenolization to reduce COD and ensure the efficiency and stability of biochemical treatment;

    • Select specific microorganisms, set up two biochemical stages, and make the biological phases more diversified, so as to ensure the effective removal of organic matter, nitrogen and phosphorus substances, and the indexes after biochemical treatment meet the discharge standards;

    • Back-end zero discharge treatment technology unit adopts advanced oxidation and hardness removal unit to reduce COD to meet the requirements of UF/NF membrane treatment.

    Coal-semi coke wastewater

    Coal chemical coking wastewater

    Coal mining wastewater, etc

    Iron and steel smelting industry (smelting wastewater)


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