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The Efficient Denitrification Technology of SCR
The full title of SCR is Selective Catalytic Reduction, which is the most widely used flue gas denitrification technology in the world. It refers to the flue gas denitrification technology that reducing agent (such as ammonia) selectively reduces NOx to N2 and H2O in a certain temperature range (180-420℃) in the presence of catalyst and oxygen.
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The technology mainly consists of reductant storage system, reductant evaporation and gasification system, ammonia-air mixing system and SCR reactor system. Before SCR technology was introduced to China, Pyneo had mastered the core technologies of SCR spray grid design, CFD simulation of flow field, reactor modeling, etc., and became the leading enterprise in the industry. For the flow field with special complex reaction, it can be simulated according to different working conditions to achieve the best reaction effect. This technology won the second prize of National Natural Science Award.

Detailed Introduction
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    Technical Advantages

    It can be applied to the NOx emission control of flue gas in various boilers, such as coal-fired boilers, garbage incinerators, industrial kilns, etc. 


    The unique high-speed jet gas-liquid mixed-phase ejector, which obtained the invention patent (patent number 200910095347.8).

    The molar ratio of NH3/NOx < 1, SO2→SO3 conversion < 1%, ammonia escape rate < 3 ppm.

    Pyneo is the first one who combined the denitrification system of SNCR and SCR in China. And the realization method of the hybrid SNCR and SCR denitrification in coal-fired boilers has been invented (patent number 201010305583).

    Advanced CFD simulation platform can predict: flow field in catalyst zone, pressure loss, mixing in catalyst zone, dust deposition and NOx concentration distribution.

    The unique design of SCR inlet spoiler ammonia injection grid.

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