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Comprehensive Treatment Technology of Petrochemical Wastewater Recycling
Pyneo is the first one who invents the comprehensive treatment technology of petrochemical wastewater recycling in China. The supporting projects have been successfully put into operation in several major petrochemical bases and large petrochemical enterprises.
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Zero-discharge wastewater technology bases on School of Energy Engineering of Zhejiang University, Zhejiang University School of Chemical Engineering, Institute of Thermal Energy Engineering, State Key Laboratory of Clean Utilization of Energy, and National Environmental Protection Coal-fired Air Pollution Control Engineering Technology Center. It adopts independent research and development technology and has a number of unique patented technologies.

Detailed Introduction
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    Technical Characteristics
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    Application Field

    1. Comprehensive treatment technology of petrochemical wastewater recycling solves the problems includes biochemical wastewater is difficult to reach the standard, the environmental protection risk is high, the disposal cost of hazardous waste is high with a large amount of sludge, the salt content in the treated water is high and difficult to recycle, which are the refractory problems of conventional treatment technology;

    2. The system adopts the design of resource recovery. For the waste water contains a large amount of organic matters and organic salts (high calorific value), or has strong biological toxicity and inhibition, or is difficult to degrade, this technology is suitable to be applied to treat these wastewater.

    3. integrated and serialized design, with a small floor area only accounting for 20% of that of biochemical treatment, low comprehensive investment and operation cost;

    4. Evaporation condensate reaches the level of reclaimed water reuse, realizing recycling and saving water resources;

    5. Incineration process can by-product steam, and the rest of the solid waste and liquid waste in the plant area can be incinerated together;

    6. After incineration, solid waste reduction and valuable solid salt can be recycled.

    7. Eliminating potential environmental hazards: solve the problems faced by conventional treatment, such as substandard treatment, instability, large amount of sludge, large amount of solid waste, high investment cost, high operating cost, high treatment difficulty, high environmental risks, which seriously restrict the development of enterprises.

    Petroleum refining industry (oily wastewater from oil refining residue)

    Petrochemical industry (wastewater from ethylene /PTA/PO/ acrylonitrile and other production units)

    Pharmaceutical industry (organic silicon, glyphosate and other wastewater of production plant)

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