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The Efficient Denitrification Technology of SNCR
The full title of SNCR is Selective Non-Catalytic Reduction, which is a mature commercial NOx emission control and treatment technology. This technology refers to the flue gas denitrification technology that using reducing agent (such as urea/ammonia) to selectively reduce NOx to N2 and H2O in a certain temperature range (800-950℃) without catalyst.
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Pyneo has the high-efficiency denitrification technology of SNCR with independent intellectual property rights, which is mainly composed of reductant storage system, solutions preparation system, solutions storage system and furnace injection system. Pyneo's SNCR high-efficiency denitrification technology won the National Natural Science Second Prize and Annual Hangzhou Excellent New Product and New Technology Award, registered as a scientific and technological achievement in Zhejiang Province, and confirmed as a provincial industrial new product.

Detailed Introduction
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    Technical Characteristics
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    Application Field
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    Flow Chart
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    Technical Advantages
    • In-depth basic research on the chemical reaction of SNCR

    • Detailed CFD simulation to predict the combustion status of boiler

    • Specialized SNCR atomization, droplet mixing and reaction simulation

    It can be applied to the NOx emission control of flue gas in various boilers, such as coal-fired boilers, circulating fluidized bed boilers, garbage incinerators, industrial kilns, etc. 





     Main factors affecting SNCR:

    Correct temperature window;

    Residence time in suitable temperature range;

    Uniform mixing;

    Molar ratio of reductant to NOx.

    Technical key point:

    Selection of injection point;

    Design of ejector;

    Injection control strategy under different loads.

    Technical solutions of Pyneo:

    In-depth basic research on chemical reaction of SNCR;

    Detailed CFD simulation to predict the combustion status of boiler;

    Specialized SNCR atomization, droplet mixing and reaction simulation;

    Series special nozzle design for SNCR;

    Pilot test verification of large-scale test bed.


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