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Garbage Incineration Power Generation Technology
Garbage incineration power generation technology relies on the College of thermal engineering of Zhejiang University, the Institute of thermal engineering, the State Key Laboratory of clean energy utilization, and National Environmental Protection Coal-burning Air Pollution Control Engineering Technology Center. It has many unique patented technologies and has won national and provincial awards for many times.
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The garbage incineration power generation technology is independently developed by our company and has completely independent intellectual property rights, such as raw garbage incineration technology, flue gas treatment technology and garbage leachate treatment technology. In order to reduce the impact of social waste on the environment and get out of the dilemma of "Garbage besieging the city", the technology can fully realize the "three principles" of harmless, reduction and recycling. It has the key technology of garbage incineration and treatment independently, which will play an important role in promoting environmental governance, energy conservation and emission reduction.


Detailed Introduction
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    Technical Advantages
    • The mechanical grate has a large processing capacity of a single boiler, especially suitable for large-scale garbage centralized treatment; High adaptability of garbage, no preheating, sorting and crushing of incoming garbage, low maintenance rate, long annual operation time and low operation cost.

    • The fluidized bed boiler occupies a small area, has low investment cost, high combustion efficiency and high boiler thermal efficiency, and effectively realizes the dioxin emission reduction control of the system.

    • The incineration temperature of domestic garbage shall be controlled at 850-950 ℃; Flue gas residence time ≥ 2S.

    • Supporting unique flue gas treatment technology, fully meeting the emission requirements.

    • It is equipped with unique leachate and other wastewater treatment technologies to realize zero discharge of wastewater.

    • domestic garbage

    • Industrial waste

    • Agricultural and forestry wastes


    The transported garbage is stored in the transfer station, and then enters the garbage incinerator for incineration. During the incineration process, the operating parameters are well controlled. The steam generated by incineration is used for power generation. The generated flue gas is discharged after the pollutants such as NOx, SO2, HCl, dust and dioxin are removed through the environmental protection facilities. The generated ash is used as a resource, and the leachate and other wastewater and malodor are treated with the supporting environmental protection facilities during the production process.

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