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Landfill Leachate Treatment Technology
Pyneo's landfill leachate treatment technology has been successfully put into operation in several major waste incineration power plants and waste transfer stations. Landfill leachate treatment technology relies on School of Energy Engineering of Zhejiang University, School of Chemical Engineering of Zhejiang University, Institute of Thermal Energy Engineering, State Key Laboratory of Clean Utilization of Energy, and National Environmental Protection Coal-fired Air Pollution Control Engineering Technology Center. It adopts independent research and development technology and has a number of unique patented technologies.
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In this technology, pretreatment methods such as pH adjustment, flocculation and sedimentation are adopted first. Then biochemical treatment is carried out by anaerobic, aerobic and MBR. And finally desalination treatment is carried out by sodium filtration and reverse osmosis. The produced water is reused, and concentrated water is salted or burned in a furnace.

Detailed Introduction
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    Technical Characteristics
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    Application Field
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    Flow Chart

    • By optimizing the treatment units of each section by stages and reasonably combining them, it has the advantages of low investment, low operating cost, strong reliability, less sludge and simple operation and management.

    • Solve the environmental pollution of wastewater, realize the recovery of produced water, meet the requirement of zero discharge of wastewater, and have good environmental and economic benefits;

    • The combined process of "pretreatment + anaerobic + two-stage A/O - MBR + NF + RO" has high removal efficiency;

    • Reliable operation can ensure the stability of wastewater treatment system.

    • Waste incineration yard leachate

    • Landfill transfer station leachate

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