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Harmless Treatment System for Solid Waste Incineration in Rotary Kiln
Solid waste incineration harmless treatment system in rotary kiln is applied to treat solid waste. The waste completes the process of water evaporation, volatile analysis, ignition and combustion in rotary kiln. The generated flue gas enters the secondary combustion chamber and is mixed with secondary combustion air to achieve complete combustion of flue gas, thus realizing safe discharge of tail gas. At the same time, the second combustion chamber can be combined with the waste liquid incineration to synchronously realize the harmless treatment of solid waste and waste liquid incineration.
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The solid waste in the storage yard enters SMP system for crushing, mixing and transportation, and then enters rotary kiln and secondary combustion chamber for incineration. After incineration, the flue gas passes through waste heat boiler, then enters quench tower to reduce the temperature, and the generation of dioxin is controlled. The flue gas then enters activated carbon & alkali powder dry adsorption tower, bag dust collector, wet deacidification tower and SCR reactor in turn, and thus, dioxin, heavy metals, dust, acid gas and nitrogen oxides are removed. Finally, the clean flue gas enters chimney to be discharged.

Detailed Introduction
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    Technical Characteristics
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    Application Field
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    Technical Parameter

    1. This equipment can burn solids, liquids, colloids and gases at the same time, and has strong adaptability to incinerated materials;

    2. Incineration materials churn forward, three heat transfer modes coexist in one furnace. The heat utilization rate is high;

    3. High-temperature materials contact with refractory materials, so it is convenient to replace furnace lining, and the cost is low;

    4. The transmission mechanism is simple, the transmission mechanism is designed to put in the kiln shell, thus, it’s convenient to maintain the equipment;

    5. A good sealing measures and the negative pressure in the furnace were adopted to ensure that harmful gases do not leak out;

    6. A high equipment operation rate can be obtained. Generally, the annual operation rate can reach 90%. It’s convenient to operate and maintain;

    7. The devices than can strengthen heat exchange and prevent slagging are equipped in the rotary kiln, which not only improves incineration efficiency, but also expands the adaptability of incinerator to waste.

    All kinds of hazardous industrial wastes, medical wastes, domestic wastes, etc.;

    All kinds of sludge, sludge, plastics, rubber grease residue, asphalt and other polymer wastes;

    Waste liquid, water, solvent, etc. with high concentration pollutants;

    Incineration temperature ≥ 1100 ℃, flue gas residence time ≥ 2 s,

    Combustion efficiency ≥ 99.9%

    Burn-down rate ≥ 99.99%

    The ignition loss rate of incineration residue is < 5%

    Energy recovery efficiency > 90%

    Exhaust emissions meet the requirement of ultra-low emission standards.


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