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Coal Grading Conversion Clean Power Generation Technology
At present, the main utilization of about 80% of the total coal in China is direct combustion. Although the direct combustion of coal is simple, the resource utilization rate is low and the pollution is serious. On the other hand, technologies such as gasification, coking and liquefaction have problems such as large investment, high requirements for coal types, and strict operating conditions. The coal grading utilizes polygeneration technology, which realizes the grading conversion of coal according to different components and reaction characteristics. It has the characteristics of wide adaptability of coal type, multiple products of one set, high economic benefit and low pollutant emission.In order to cleanly and efficiently utilize coal resources, Zhejiang University has developed a novel thermal, electric, gas and tar polygeneration system.
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The system consists of a circulating fluidized bed combustion furnace and a fluidized bed pyrolysis furnace. The coal is mixed with the high temperature ash from the combustion furnace and pyrolyzed in the pyrolysis furnace, and the generated initial gas can be used as fuel gas or raw material gas after purification. The tar collected during the gas purification process can be used to extract monocyclic or polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons and so on after further processing or to make liquid fuel by adding hydrogen. The semi-coke produced in the pyrolysis furnace is sent to the circulating fluidized bed combustion furnace for combustion, and the generated steam is used for electric power production and heating.

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    After years of research and development, a 1MW experimental device has been builted and a large number of thermal test studies have been completed. On this basis, the demonstration device of the thermal, electric, gas and tar polygeneration system consisting of 75t/h circulating fluidized bed boiler and fluidized bed gasification furnace was completed, and the partial transformation demonstration project of 300MW generator set was completed. The thermo operation indicated that the demonstration devices constructed are stable, safe and reliable in operation, convenient in adjustment, stable production of tar and gas, and realize the production of various high-value products in an integrated system with coal.



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