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Biomass Gasification Technology
Biomass gasification technology relies on the College of thermal engineering of Zhejiang University, the Institute of thermal engineering, the State Key Laboratory of clean energy utilization, and National Environmental Protection Coal-burning Air Pollution Control Engineering Technology Center. It has many unique patented technologies and has won national and provincial awards for many times.
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The biomass gasification technology is independently developed by our company, with completely independent intellectual property rights. It is the first to develop a variety of models of biomass gasifiers burning various fuels and supporting key equipment. It has a complete design and calculation method of circulating fluidized bed gasifier. On this basis, it optimizes and integrates the characteristic biomass gasification and combustion system.

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    Award Certificates And Patents

    It is suitable for CFB gasification of various biomass raw materials, and it is equipped with multi-dimensional, low NOx combustion and stable combustion technology of gas.

    Gasification coupled power generation can be realized: high parameters and high-efficiency power generation of large-scale coal-fired units in service can be used, and the power generation efficiency can reach more than 35%; The fault will not affect the normal operation of the coal-fired boiler.

    Gasification combustion heating can be realized: biomass gas directly enters the boiler for combustion in a high temperature state, with high utilization efficiency of gas sensible heat and no tar problem.

    The gasification coupled power generation technology uses biomass briquette to greatly improve the quality of biomass fuel, solve the problem of biomass fuel storage and feeding in the power plant in service, and realize the large-scale industrial application of biomass fuel; The small-scale gasification combustion heating technology uses biomass raw bulk materials, which can effectively simplify the biomass fuel treatment process.

    With strong load adaptability and safe&stable operation, the biomass gasification system can operate stably within the range of 30-110% of the rated load when using the designed fuel.

    The gas is easy to measure. Compared with the biomass direct combustion technology, the gas measurement is more accurate; The gasification temperature is low, and the combustible gas enters the boiler reburning zone to reduce NOx and reduce NOx emission; Low investment, small land occupation, short construction period and low operation cost.

    • Power industry

    • Thermal power industry

    • Agricultural and forestry waste disposal industry


    Process Flow Chart of Biomass Gasification Coupled Power Generation System


    Process Flow Chart of Biomass Gasification Coupled Combustion System

    The biomass fuel is fed to the gasifier through the biomass bin, and the biomass is gasified in the gasifier to generate biomass gas. The biomass gas is sent to the coal-fired boiler of the large-scale thermal power unit in service for coupling power generation, or sent to the gas-fired steam boiler for direct combustion and heating. The by-product of gasification - biochar can be used as biomass carbon based fertilizer and soil remediation agent to realize high-value comprehensive utilization of biomass.

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