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Comprehensive Utilization Technology of Gas-liquid Waste Incineration and Recycling
The supporting projects of Pyneo's comprehensive utilization technology of gas-liquid waste incineration and recycling have been successfully put into operation in several major petrochemical bases and chemical pharmaceutical bases in China and overseas, which has promoted the local government to realize the circular economy system of gas-liquid waste emission reduction and turning waste into wealth. The successful implementation of this technology has actively responded to Xi Jinping's new era of socialism with Chinese characteristics, established and practiced the concept that Clear waters and green mountains are gold mountains, adhered to the basic national policy of saving resources and protecting the environment, and built a community of human destiny together.
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The comprehensive utilization technology of gas-liquid waste incineration and recycling is a technology developed by Zhejiang Pyneo Technology Co., Ltd. relying on School of Energy Engineering of Zhejiang University, Institute of Thermal Energy Engineering, State Key Laboratory of Clean Utilization of Energy, and National Environmental Protection Coal-fired Air Pollution Control Engineering Technology Center, which integrates waste liquid and waste gas incineration, flue gas treatment, steam and other resource recovery. It has adopted a number of unique patented technologies and won many national awards.


Detailed Introduction
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    Technical Characteristics
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    Application Field
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    Technical Parameter

    1. Incinerator adopts patented technology of low nitrogen burner, which won the second prize of National Science and Technology Progress Award.

    2. For the incineration of waste liquid, the multi-mixing nozzle with patented technology was adopted. This technology won the China Patent Excellence Award, and the nozzle won the provincial industrial new product.

    3. For the incineration of hazardous gas and liquid wastes, the incinerator with patented technology won the second prize of National Science and Technology Progress Award and the first prize of Zhejiang Science and Technology Award.

    4. For the incineration of waste liquid and waste gas, the waste liquid and waste gas will be injected into the incineration zone by zones to improve the incineration efficiency.

    5. Incineration temperature ≥ 1100 ℃, flue gas residence time ≥ 2 s, combustion efficiency ≥ 99.9%, burning removal rate ≥ 99.99%, burning loss rate of incineration residue < 5%, energy recovery efficiency > 90%.

    6. The environmental protection technology of flue gas treatment depends on the reasonable matching of flue gas components. The ultra-low emission technology of Pyneo was adopted, which won the first prize of national technological invention, and each emission index is lower than the requirements of national emission standard.

    7. Incinerator, steam-water device, environmental protection facilities and waste heat furnace is compact in design and occupies a small area.

    8. A reasonable exhaust flue gas temperature is designed, a large amount of heat is recovered to reduce the exhaust loss.

    9. Load handling capacity is 50-100%, characterized by flexible adjustment and simple operation.

    Petroleum refining industry (oily wastewater from oil refining residue, waste liquid from ethylene /PTA/PO/ acrylonitrile units, VOCs waste gas, etc.)

    Pharmaceutical industry (wastewater from production facilities, VOCs waste gas, etc.)

    Resource treatment of printing and dyeing wastewater

    Organic waste liquid, waste solvent, etc

    Incineration temperature ≥ 1100 ℃    Flue gas residence time ≥ 2 s

    Combustion efficiency ≥ 99.9%       Burning removal rate ≥ 99.99%

    Burning loss rate of incineration residue < 5%     Energy recovery efficiency > 90%

    Load handling capacity is 50%-110%


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