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Slurry Fuel Gasification Technology
Slurry fuel gasification technology relies on the School of Thermal Energy Engineering of Zhejiang University , Institute of Thermal Energy Engineering, State Key Laboratory of Clean Utilization of Energy, and National Environmental Protection Coal-fired Air Pollution Control Engineering Technology Center. It has a number of unique patented technologies and won national and provincial awards for many times.
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Slurry fuel gasification refers to a process in which organic matter in slurry fuel reacts with gasifying agent (such as steam/air and/or oxygen) in a certain equipment at a certain temperature and pressure, and the slurry fuel is converted into synthesis gas containing combustible gases ( CO, hydrogen, methane) and non-combustible gases ( carbon dioxide and nitrogen).

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    Award Certificates And Patents
    • The expert system of coal water slurry pulping based on big data platform has wide adaptability of raw materials and zero discharge of wastewater. The expert system can be applied to the preparation of oil coal slurry, coal water slurry, water coke slurry, papermaking slurry pulping, chemical wastewater pulping, sludge pulping, sludge sand pulping, waste activated carbon pulping, etc.

    • The original cross-jet multi-mixing water-coal-slurry nozzle solves the problem of efficient atomization of high viscosity non-Newtonian liquid-solid two-phase flow. It has the advantages of good atomization performance, anti-blocking, anti-abrasion, safe use, convenient operation, etc. The rated flow rate is from 100kg/h to 8,000 kg/h, which is suitable for gasification of various slurry fuels. Obtained invention patents and utility model patents, and was rated as a provincial industrial new product.

    • The carbon conversion rate can reach 99%, the system runs stably, the maintenance workload is small, and the investment and operation cost are low.

    • Chemical fertilizer industry

    • Petrochemical industry

    • Coal chemical industry wastewater treatment

    • Treatment of wastewater with complex components in industrial park

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