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Wind Power Generation Technology
Pyneo provide users around the world with wind power system solutions integrating large-scale wind turbine design, product manufacturing, technical consulting and engineering contracting. More than 20 wind farms have been built and are under construction, with more than 400 installed and more than 300 connected to the grid; Enterprises with market performance in onshore, intertidal and offshore wind farms; The outlet of megawatt wind turbine was realized.
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The compact, mature and reliable drive chain technology of torque bearing + gear box + doubly fed generator is applied with a number of new technologies, and the excellent airfoil series of multi megawatt blades that have been successfully designed is used. The customized blades are designed to greatly improve the power generation capacity of the unit.

Detailed Introduction
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    Technical Characteristics
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    Technical Parameter
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    Technical Advantages

    Typhoon prevention strategy: According to the characteristics of frequent tropical storms in coastal areas, the typhoon prevention strategy is specially formulated to minimize the risk of wind turbines operating in these areas.

    Reducing the maintenance cost: Due to the high cost of replacing parts at sea, special replacement processes and tools are designed for the replacement of large parts, which can effectively reduce the maintenance cost of the unit.

    Redundancy design is adopted, and complete redundancy design schemes such as hydraulic system, cooling system, lubrication system and main control system are adopted, which greatly improves the reliability of the unit in offshore operation.

    Pyneo supplies communication system and reliable control. The control and communication system is independently developed and designed with source code by ourselves. It can be personalized designed and developed according to the specific requirements of users. It is applicable to different hardware platforms and is convenient for production, use and change.

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